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Dear Internet Searcher,

I’m relatively new to the world of Rack Card Printing. I’ve only been printing Rack Cards for six years. I’m not a giant corporation and I don’t pretend to be one. You can see my face on the right side of the page. I have nothing to hide. I believe in customer service and selling printing services at a fair price. If you call (which I hope you do), you’ll get a real, live person on the phone. You won’t get a computer voice saying “your call is important to us…” You won’t get a slick salesman trying to get you to buy a whole slew of extra services. You’ll get a friendly and nice customer service rep whose job is to make you happy. So go ahead and give us a call at 888-968-9258.

I know you’re here for Rack Card printing. I know you’re going through Google looking for the best fit for your Rack Card. Maybe price is important to you. Maybe it’s how fast you’ll get your Rack Cards. Maybe it’s customer service. Maybe it’s some special request you have. I’m trying my best to be better than all those other guys on Google. Please give me a call or “live chat” on the right if there’s anything you’re unsure about.

Retail rack card sample


All of these prices include setup, folding, bleeds, full color on both sides. Everything! There are no hidden extra costs for printing. You’ll just pay this price for printing. The only other charges may be graphic design (only if you need it) and shipping.

retail rack card pricing

Size 500 1000 2000 5000 10000 15000 20000 50000 100000
4x9 Rack Card 88 98 148 198 388 578 778 1928 3788
another rack card product sample

Turnaround and Delivery Time

Most Rack Cards ship within 3-5 business days.

If you’re in a rush, give me a call or start a live chat. I can get your job done sometimes the very next day. I ship everything via Fedex and they take anywhere from 1 to 5 days depending how far you are from my shop in Florida.


There are 3 important factors that determine the quality of your Rack Card.

quality paper thickness and colors
  1. Thickness

    The first is its thickness. I’m sure you’ve seen Rack Cards that are printed on paper so thin you can see through it. Don’t worry, yours won’t be like that. They’ll be printed on a high-quality thick Rack Card paper stock. It’s called “12 point card stock” and it’s almost four times as thick as the paper you put in your copier or printer.

  2. Colors

    Next are the colors. When you print a Rack Card on your computer printer or copier, the first few may look nice, but then they get streaky and blotchy. The colors don’t come out very crisp and distinct. I’m going to print your Rack Card on a real printing press. It uses real ink and real water to make your Rack Card. It’s not a copier. It’s not a printer. It’s a huge machine that only has one purpose: to make your Rack Cards look good.

  3. Coating

    The third part that makes your rack card professional is the coating. Your rack card will have a glossy coating on it to protect it from moisture and ripping. You’ll still be able to write on it with a pen, but it will hold up much longer and look like a real rack card instead of a copy.


willy walt will mail your rack cardss

Your Rack Cards are very important to both of us. That’s why we use Fedex to ship them. In their words, they “absolutely have to get there.” Shipping takes from 1-5 business days from my shop here in Florida. If you’re in a rush, give us a call or live chat and we can give you a quote for Fedex’s overnight service. A box of paper isn’t the lightest thing in the world, as anybody who has moved a box of books can tell you so ground shipping starts around $15.

Graphic Design

willy walt can design your rack cards for you

If you already have your Rack Card designed in a print ready format, then you won’t need us to design it for you. If you have a graphic design program, call or use the live chat to get pre-made templates to make sure everything is correct. If you’d like us to design the Rack Card for you, it’ll be $178. We’ll ask you to send us any logos you have and whatever text you want on it. It usually takes us 2-3 days before you can see the first version.

The next step

Simply fill in the chat box with your name and question and I’ll get right back to you. If you already have your files and are ready to print, you can send us your files for a free file check. If you’re not sure how to move forward, use the live chat or give us a call toll free at 888-968-9258. We’ll do what’s right for you.

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Sincerely yours,
Willy Walt

PS. I will probably need to raise the prices soon. If you fill out the box above and ask for a "rain check" I'll keep these prices until you're ready to order.

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